NEW UPNG Interim Council Members 2019

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Hon.Pila Ninigi-Minister for DHERST
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The following article is exact extract of public media statement released by the Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, Hon.Peter Ninigi (MP).

In the interest of transparency, I am informing the public of the membership of the new Interim Council of the University of Papua New Guinea. The members will serve for 12 months. In drawing the members together, I have given careful attention to ensuring an appropriate skills mix for sound governance of a major public university. These are lawyers, accountants, auditors, experts in governance, human resource and business, and senior academics.

Members have been selected based on their expertise and their independence of previous involvement in UPNG governance or management. Staff and student representative of UPNG may attend Council meetings by invitation to raise issues over governance and sound management. Such issues will be listened to and investigated.

I am confident the Interim Council will help to set the University of Papua New Guinea in the right direction. It will act to restore accountability and a culture of integrity at the University. This is needed now to improve the University’s reputation as a primer tertiary institution.

UPNG Interim Council Members

(1) Mr. Jeffrey Dean Kennedy, Chancellor. Mr. Kennedy is a practicing lawyer with over 10 years of experience. He is a successful businessman and entrepreneur.

(2) Mr.Jerry Wemin, Pro-Chancellor. Mr.Wemin, who holds a Masters Degree, in a professional company director. He has extensive business experience, including experience in human resources management. He has been Acting Pro-Chancellor at UPNG and chaired the University’s Audit Committee and Finance Committee

(3) Acting Vice Chancellor  (ex-officio), when appointed.

(4) Dr.John Kuwimb. Dr.Kuwimb is a lawyer with extensive senior experience in policy advising, commercial law and public law. He has a PhD in the political economy of law and development.

(6) Ms.Theresia Bob. Ms Bob is a CPA and a highly experienced financial auditor. She provides external company audit and accounting services to wide range of companies and organizations in PNG.

(7) Ms.Rose Teria. Ms. Teria has been the Assistant Governor at BPNG and is currently Investment Manager at the PNG Sustainable Development Program Ltd. She has extensive expertise in governance and finance.

(8) Mr.Sinton Spence, MBE. Mr. Spence is a Chartered Accountant and owner of a PNG chartered accounting firm providing advice and assistance to foreign and national companies. He is an experienced company secretary.

(9) Emeritus Professor Terry Evans-Professor Evans is Emeritus Professor at Deakin University in Australia, with experience in leading projects in Papua New Guinea. He is an acknowledge expert in research higher degree studies and research education.

(10) Dr.Vernon Crew. Dr. Crew is an Australian-based education consultant specializing in higher education and management. He has extensive senior experience in higher education internationalization and English language proficiency. He is an Honorary Senior Fellow of the LH Martin Institute for tertiary education management and leadership at the University of Melbourne.

Dr. Paul Gadek. Dr. Gadek, an economic development and governance consultant, is Adjunct Professor at Central Queensland University in Australia. He was previously professor and chair of the Academic Board at James Cook University. He has extensive experience in university governance and leadership.

Further appointments to the UPNG Interim Council may be made if required.


Details of the Terms of Reference (TOR) can be accessed on this post.Full Terms of Reference (TOR) For the Council