The slogan on Google Scholar website states Stand on the shoulders of giants” . What a statement. It’s a constant reminder to us that there are people who have done great things and have written about it to make life easier for others. Particularly in the ICT world, fabulous hardware, software and online services have been developed by professional individuals and big companies. Today, students and teachers alike should not be wasting their precious learning time on tasks that should take a few minutes to do it. For example, if you are student or academic in PNG who is still struggling to create a auto generated Table of contents in a long  document which is several pages long  while still having access to a personal computer or laptop with Microsoft Office word application, then you have put your self in that situation even though, Microsoft  have given you a fantastic software application to make your life easier.  Another example, is that people waste a lot of time, creating a new power point slide for every  presentation, only to put the same information he or she may have presented in  in a previous presentation slide. Well the old fashion way of “Copy & Paste” might work if you have the luxury of time but if your are pressured against time, it doe’s becomes stressful. 

So, here some of the most simple, yet powerful tips on Microsoft Office Applications which can save time and energy. Once you have mastered the skills you will feel empowered to do more and feel more confident.

Microsoft Office 2016-Word Tips

How To Automate Table of Contents in Microsoft Office 2016 Word Creating a word document template which you can reuse
How to Combine two more more word files easily Insert a page break in Word document to control the follow of text.
Draw a diagram in Word and group the elements together to hold them in place. How to insert a table and modify it.
Do a Mail merge to create individualized letter address to different recipients.
Easily convert a word document into signed pdf soft copy that can be emailed.
Do simple citation and do a automated  reference or bibliography list using Microsoft Office word 2016
Using and word document Design feature to create professional looking documents.
Inserting Headers and Footers in Word 2016
How to navigate easily to different sections in a long word document.
Inserting pictures the way you want it placed in Word.

Microsoft Office 2016-Excel-Tips

Microsoft Office 2016-PowerPoint-Tips

How to Reuse Existing Slides from an existing PowerPoint file